We have been a Home Haunter for over six years and most of the haunt has been concentrated in the basement. I decided this year to really go all out on the outside. What's a haunt without a cemetery? First thing I did was go to the Mark's Monster List and check out the 'How to' on tombstone making. I found Keeba's site and Casa de Sade the most extensive step by step tutorial in creating tombstones from blue foam. Including sizes, warping and aging. I do have to mention I did receive ALOT of help and inspiration from the Halloween-l list. Here are some pics of the end results. You can click on each pic for a closer look. 



There will be a total of nine tombstones in a 6' x 18' graveyard including an iron fence from pvc and post from blue foam. I am also working on a pillar idea that I would like to premier for 2003.


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