Toby visits where the Buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play.

I'm an Oklahoma licensed wildlife rehabber. Several times a year the American Humane Society will send me a box of old fur coats to use as "mother" for wildlife babies. When the box with the Traveling skull arrived, that's what I thought it was: old furs. So after it sat in my entry room for several days, I toted it out to my storage. On a whim, I decided to go ahead and open it. Man was I glad I did!!! I don't think he could have held his breath much longer!




I work as an artist at Arbuckle Wilderness, an
 exotic animal park, so Mr. T. Skull went to work
 with me the next day. We saw a number of animals,
 and received camel kisses from Bravo!



That evening,
 after a long day at work, we snuggled up in bed with
 Twizzler, one of my cats, and discussed the
 advantages to being bald, like never getting
 hairballs or having to look for a brush.