Toby visits New Jersey


Traveling Toby made a visit to a neighbor's house for a BBQ.......Toby, Ita & Joe my husband


Toby Took a Ride


Toby visited our new brick we purchased to restore the historical Maywood NJ Train Station


My son brought him to school



My son Evan at the Maywood Train Station


My 4 year old daughter & 2 year old son they loved toby



Jack sticking his finger in Toby's nose with my daughter and son Luke


Wayne, Ita and Joe posing with Toby



Toby Attended a Birthday party


They loved Toby




I printed this picture and framed it.  Its the best one with Toby


I used to work with Tom, and he wanted to take a picture with Toby.  Tom is Single in his 50's makes good money and lives in Staten Island.  I just figured I would take a shot for him....


Luke saying goodbye


Luke crying because Toby was leaving


Jack kissing Toby goodbye


Toby also went on a ride on a Harley, a Garage Sale and many other things.  We were sorry to see him leave and wish him luck on his great adventure.