Toby's Traveling Skull enjoyed his stay in Hazard, KY.

Since Hazard is the home of the Hazard Bulldogs, the traveling skull showed his school spirit and team loyalty by donning his Hazard Bulldogs shirt and a blue and gold wig.



Next the traveling skull was invited to a performance by the Master of Fright, the Cryptkeeper.

The skull sat in his place of honor while the famous ghoul played a selection of spooky music.


Then the traveling skull visited with a couple of his close relatives who live in Hazard...can you see the family resemblance?  Bo and Luke Duke wanted to give the skull a ride in the General Lee but he declined since the seat belts were too big for him...maybe next time! 



This concluded Toby's Traveling Skull's short vacation in Hazard, KY and now he is ready for more exciting times as he continues his journey.  Y'all come back now...ya hear!!