Travelling (Captain) Toby visited south Texas a couple of weeks ago. He insisted he go to North Padre Island to find his buried treasure. So we bundled him and the family up in the minivan, and headed off to Port Aransas on Padre Island.


He insisted that he buried it near Port Royal. We tried telling him that
Port Royal was in Jamaica. We asked him if he had been hitting the rum
when he buried it. He muttered something and stormed off in a huff.


After a short drive down the road we encountered the sign for Port Royal. We headed down to the beach and started searching for the treasure.



 When asked about his map, he was strangely silent. So we had to rely on our trusty metal detectors.

After a brief hunt, we hit upon a Spanish 8 Reale coin. Captain Toby was encouraged.


Next came a larger gold coin, and finally a gold bar.

Captain Toby was convinced we were very near the treasure. We asked him if there were any landmarks we could go by. He said to follow the trail of empty rum bottles.


Finally the metal detector beeped madly so we began to dig. Captain Toby decided to just supervise the digging.


After a bit of digging, we hit upon a thump. Sure enough we had found the treasure chest.



Captain Toby was so excited he decided to build himself a sand castle.