Toby arrived here in Lakewood, OH right before Christmas, and promptly became caught up in all the hoopla surrounding our holiday
preparations.  Unfortunately, 2 of the 3 people living in this house came down with some cruddy flu-like thing, so we didn't really get out
and about much as we usually would.



We had hoped to take Toby ice-skating and out to see Christmas lights,
but our overall icky health, combined with unseasonably warm weather,
pretty much shot that in the rear-end.


So, we stayed in and made popcorn, watched "The Nightmare Before
Christmas" a few times, and hung decorations.  We waited until Dec. 23
to get a tree, and then we couldn't find all of our 'normal'
decorations/lights for it, and so it hardly was decorated.  eh, it
happens now and then.


Toby was a great help with wrapping presents, and setting them out
under the tree.  He was also a good sport when we asked him to hang
out under the white tree, even though that is the favorite napping
spot for several of our cats and a few other stuffed animals.  Once we
bribed him with a candy cane, though, he thought it was cozy enough,
and slept right on through the night.  : )


Happy New Year, Toby... feel free to drop back in anytime!