Toby is having LOTS of fun in Maryland.


He flew in on a VERY hot day into Beltsville, Md.


Since then, he's been in a morgue

Slept the night in one of my two FUNeral coaches (a 'hearse' to the great unwashed masses...)

Seen some
relatives, including a cow skull that he wants to adopt

Been to the infamous 'Steps', by the Car Barn.    You know ....  tubular bells ....
(The Exorcist original movie, filmed in Georgetown - Washington, DC).




New Funeral Home being built.


At the cemetery garden above...

Catching some fresh air on my friend's Hearse.

On stage with Scarlet Angel


Toby at the Poe House.  Scary place to be. Not because of Poe, but of what the Neighborhood has become. I went to do this in the middle of the day, had several undesirables make their presence known, and that I didn't belong in the area, *until* I pulled Toby out onto the steps.  Then they all skedaddled! 
Thanks, Toby, I owe you one!

I figured that I should actually go to his grave & pay our respects!


Toby at the Burkettsville Cemetary (from the Blair Witch Project)

Toby dressing up in the Burkettsville Cemetery.


Toby going out for pizza 'with the guys' of my computer user's group.


Me checking him over ... at my friendly neighborhood morgue.

Toby leaving & heading out to his next visit.    He'll be missed!

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