Toby finds Fun and Sun in Florida

Two years ago (when I was child-free and obviously didn't have enough things to do with my time) I signed up to be a part of this traveling skull adventure. I had totally forgotten about it and figured it had fallen by the wayside, but alas, there was the skull, right on my front porch. I thought to myself: Wow, the skull is here, now I have to go out and do fun and adventurous things so that I can take pictures with the skull and write about all the wonderful things that we did while he was with me. Pressure!


When I got home on Wednesday last week I found this lovely package on my front porch. I love finding packages on my front porch and I love it even more when I haven't even bought anything, unless the package is ticking, in which case, I don't love it too much. As soon as I saw the label that said "Toby's Traveling Skull" I stopped dialing the bomb squad number and hung up the phone. How fun! A skull!... and a traveling one at that!


Unfortunately for those of you paying attention to the weather here in Miami (which you should all be, yes, even those of you from MA should pay attention to the weather here), you might have noticed that last week's weather was completely crappy. It rained almost every day much for taking mr. skull to South Beach to pick up girls (he likes the bony types).

Click on the pic


Instead, mr. skull had to make due with sitting on my bar for a couple of days.

I am getting ahead of myself though; when I first took him out the box, he was all the rage. The doggies were sniffing...

...and Christian was patting him on the head. I told mr. skull that that was a universal toddler gesture of acceptance.



On Sunday, we got dressed up and went over to my mom's house to celebrate Father's Day (Do we look like the Adams family or what? da da da dum snap snap).

On Monday, mr. skull got to go shopping

On Tuesday, it was "Take your skull to work day" (you're probably asking doesn't everybody take their skull to work everyday?...well, sometimes I wonder), so mr. skull came to work with me and sat in my office for the day.