Traveling Toby finally made it to Columbus, Ohio in the Fall of 2006.

 He had a harrowing journey visiting many US Post Office stations along the East Coast. By the time he arrived he was completely worn out and
 in need of some rest and relaxation.  While sitting around regaining his strength he was a great supervisor during the construction of my
 new computer desk. Like any other person in his position he had a knack for barking out meaningless orders and telling me to go faster.
 I attributed his irritability to his lack of sleep as I had always heard how nice he was. He did scare me though when he kept talking
 about "going postal".  I guess his prior travel kind of jaded him. Anyway, he had an extended stay here while we reworked his upcoming
 travel schedule.  By the time he left, he was back to his old self and was a great guest.



I did manage to get one picture
 of him sitting on
 the newly finished desk.