Pillars of Lost Souls

This is the entrance leading to my front door. I always thought the stone fence looked really creepy but the neighborhood kids were slowly chipping away the stones. I decided to cover them up with some Pillars of Pain inspired by Toyguy.
step one

plywood structure
I was not able to locate any large blocks of foam, so I decided to make my pillars using plywood and 2x2s. As you can see I had to cut out for the stairs so the pillars do not lie flat on the ground.

I painted the entire pillars black and then created vines or veins using Great Stuff. I had built a shelf in the back to hold cement blocks for added weight. The pillars stand 8ft tall from the lower ground.
great stuff veins

adding blood to veins
I used Toyguy's alternating spray paint technique to add color to the veins. First spraying with red and then black while the paint is still wet.

Here is a close up of the
painted veins. I then covered both pillars using flashing cement or roofing tar. I really love working with this medium. It protects the plywood from the weather and when it dries it feels like soft skin.

close up

I was able to score about 26 styrofoam heads from a store going out of business. I cut the faces at assorted angles and glued them with Liquid Nails to the pillars.

I tarred over all of the faces and some of the heads did react with the tar. It actually helped give some of the faces a deformed look about them.I did not like the outcome of everything tarred so I went thru my old paint and found a dried blood color oil based paint and covered the pillars

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