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Hello....Welcome to my garden. The picture above is a current layout of my property. I have added the shade garden, Iris bed, and the 40 x 6 ft perennial bed since moving here 4 years ago. Eventually I hope to be adding a deck, a shed and a pergola with wisteria. It is a small area but it keeps me busy. I will be adding more pictures to this page as it progresses. In the meantime, take your shoes off and feel the grass beneath your feet while you take a stroll through my gardens...


In the beginning...this side of the house had full sun so I knew anything I planted should grow. I went through some old garden catalogs to see what was needed. I came across a Spring Hill catalog and placed an order for the Complete Never Ending Perennial Border Garden.

Original scan from Spring Hill Catalog

Of course, I didn't expect it to look exactly like this but it's
coming close. I kept the existing hydrangea bush there in fear of killing it if I moved it.


This is it going on its fourth year. Some of the plants have not come back so I replace them with something else. I have expanded it to the front as shown in the layout above.


This is a view in the spring time. You can now see the dogwood in full bloom. In time I will add an iron arbor with honeysuckle, a bench along the fence and a birdbath. It will give it some separation from the front and the back.


Container Garden


Next stop is the Iris bed....This was actually a mistake. There were irises scattered throughout the side of the house so I dug them up and put them to the side until I was ready. Of course they started to expand and then came the iris bed. I divided some from my father's yard and introduced more to lengthen the bed.This would be the first year I had blooms.



The shade garden is in an area that really is not part of our property. Cars cannot be parked on the street in our town so there is a back road that leads to many driveways. Some people have more than one car so they are left to park on the side of this road. Since our driveway can park two cars I planted a small shade garden in this area.


Shade Garden along back road

Hostas and Forget Me Nots

It's not growing as fast as the perennial bed but each year it gets fuller. It consist of daylillies, lilies, hostas and ferns. I wanted it to look natural so I rarely weed this area.


Duck season
Rabbit season

Say hello to my little friend

I hope you enjoyed the tour. As you can see, all is welcomed. Please come back I will be updating this page with each new project. Below you will find more related links to visit. Thanks again for stopping by.

The only roses I have...

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