My Cats


Okay...I like cats. They kind of grow on you. None of these cats were purchased, they were all given to us as kittens. Each of them are quite different in nature.


First Generation

Gizmo (1983-2005) Ballston Lake- First cat we got as a couple, before marriage- before kids.  He was peace loving, caring radical. He had a kitten's heart.






Dune (1983-2004) Albany- He was the king of the cats in the household. He kept order and protects.






Yoshi (1994-2004) Brooklyn- He is a biter. He has a very nasty sense of humor. The kind of cat that rolls around on his tummy to pet him and he does a Venus fly trap on your hand.









New Generation


The house was catless for 4 months. We visit my father in upstate NY every year for the summer. We returned home with two new kittens. They are brothers.


Montclair (2005-Present) Broadalbin- Definitely high maintenance and quite curious. Somewhat skitish






Riff Raff (2005-Present) Broadalbin- He started out with Siamese markings but now darker stripes have appeared. Very serious. Hunter. Loves to snuggle.