Fence & Posts

After making the tombstones I had to create a cemetery fence to add to the mood. I decided to create a 6ft x 18ft plot. Using the same principal and materials of making a fence found on Screamin Scott's Halloween Page.
I made eight 2ft x 6ft panels. The unpainted one shown here is actually a door for a jail cell.


The only adjustment I made was that the ends were cut a little longer to anchor in the ground. I haven't decided on a finial yet.

I had some extra bluefoam so I decided to create some post. I glued two 2" thick pieces together with liquid nails. I used spackle and sanded to eliminate any seams. I bore a 12" hole in the bottom and inserted a half inch pvc pipe. This will give added support into the ground.

Using the same technique in Keeba's tombstones, I warped and sprayed painted them for a weathered look. I did sponge a little green paint to get a moss effect. Each 4"x 4" post is 30" long and one day I will add some skulls to the top.